WAM Festival Artist Profile: Teij

4 November 2015 | 10:36 am | Artist Submission

"We are new, we are a bit different and the boys sport pretty impressive facial hair!"

Member/Role: Tahlia Beeson, lead singer/whip cracker

Short description of your band and music: Think vocals that can't quite shake the classical training over dirty bass lines and dexterous lead guitar. Add in some cheeky lyrics and you get the sultry sound that is uniquely Teij.

Best WAM-related story? Watching some of the best bands in WA tear the stage apart at last year's Block Party was definitely a highlight of 2014 WAMfest. I'm expecting this year will be even bigger!

What do you think separates the WA music scene apart from the rest of the country? I think the best thing about the WA music scene is that we have a really close-knit community. We are smaller than the rest of the country so we tend to stick together and be more supportive of each other, which is a really great thing in an industry that can be pretty brutal.

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What WA bands are you vibing on right and why? I am definitely vibing on These Winter Nights. I'm going to make a huge call and say they are one of the best live bands in Perth. I am also loving Riley Pearce's new single Brave.

Why should people come and see you from amongst the many cool bands at WAM? We are new, we are a bit different and the boys sport pretty impressive facial hair!

What's on the horizon for you? We are on the brink of releasing our second single I'll Never Be A Wife at Indi Bar on Fri 20 Nov. This will be our last big show for 2015 as we are getting ready for some huge things for next year.

WAM Festival performance: Saturday Spectacular, Universal Bar, Sat 7, 2pm.