WAM Festival Artist Profile: Moana

4 November 2015 | 11:48 am | Artist Submission

Answered by
: MoMo

Short description of your band and music: Mystical-psychedelic-heavy-art-rock with a pinch of sleaze and sweet chilli sauce.

Best WAM-related story? A puddle of glitter and a cluster of shattered teeth.

What do you think separates the WA music scene apart from the rest of the country? I have no idea. I feel like maybe we're all drinking fresher water, getting more sunshine and inbreeding in secret which somehow brings forth a train of bizarre creativity of such high standard... Mmm.

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What WA bands are you vibing on right now and why? There are many but for me Joni In The Moon takes the cake of the moment. Joni and Tera's live performances leave me in poetic and literal tears every time I witness them. It's moving; both sad and beautiful.

Why should people come and see you from amongst the many cool bands at WAM? No one else is gonna twist you like us. Come get spun in the spiderweb and see.

What's on the horizon for you? Releasing our second EP, The Trilogy Of The Black Monsoon, travelling, creating new music and art, living.

WAM Festival performance: Sunday 8 Nov, Newport Hotel.