Voyager: ‘It’s Metal’s Time For Eurovision’

25 February 2022 | 10:53 am | Staff Writer

Polling high among punters as favourites for this weekend’s ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ event, WA outfit Voyager plead their case for metal domination at this year’s songwriting contest. Guitarist Scott Kay offers up five compelling reasons below.

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5. The high intensity of metal suits the high intensity of Eurovision. The energy and level of enthusiasm at Eurovision is huge; people obsess over the entries and songs, even the staging and lighting, and metal is much the same. It seems to make sense to me that metal bands would work in this setting because they both ooze energy and passion.

4. Måneskin winning last year has opened up the potential for bands to win in the future, whether they be rock bands or metal bands. There’s clearly hype about bands right now for that reason, so I think it’s time to open the flood gates to bands, especially heavier bands!

3. The staging and lighting show at both Eurovision and the largest metal festivals are both huge, and complement each other perfectly. You can easily take any stage show at Wacken, Hellfest or Bloodstock, and throw it onto the Eurovision stage with no changes whatsoever.

2. Voyager is on Eurovision Australia Decides, so clearly, it’s metal’s time for Eurovision! Honestly though, we’ve been pushing to make it to EAD for many years, and it’s a real honour to finally make it to the stage. We feel privileged to represent heavy music, and hope that we can present in the best way possible.

1. Metal as a genre is extremely diverse, and has a massive fanbase that would revel in having their favourite music represented in more mainstream avenues. Heavy music has grown significantly in scope and popularity, yet it hasn’t grown in terms of broader acknowledgment. I think heavy music is long overdue for some decent exposure!

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Eurovision – Australia Decides airs live this Saturday night via SBS. Click here for more details.