VIDEO PREMIERE: Snark - 'Pressure'

28 July 2021 | 12:49 pm | Joe Dolan

"The cramped, confined space visually captures that pressure."

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Melbourne punk three-piece Snark have just dropped the brand new video for their single Pressure - premiering exclusively with The Music

The track, co-written by Kisschasy frontman Darren Cordeaux, captures the frustration and hopelessness currently being felt around the world.

Frontman Stefan Sepulveda said the minimalist approach to the video was intentional, and integral in echoing the feel of the song. 

"When we first discussed the concept of the video for Pressure with (director) Aidan Rice, we kept coming back to the word 'claustrophobic'” he explained. 

"Pressure is a high-energy song, but lyrically it revolves around this claustrophobic feeling of being absolutely buried under stress and anxiety, so we really wanted to make sure the video managed to convey both of these aspects of the song.”

Sepulveda continued, “The lounge room performance sequences carry heaps of the energy in the video with lots of movement and intensity, but where the video really shines are the TV sequences where each band member plays individually ‘inside’ the TV. The cramped, confined space visually captures that pressure and represents that stress and anxiety bubbling away under the surface."

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Check out the clip for Pressure above.