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VIDEO PREMIERE: Liz Stringer – ‘First Time Really Feeling’

16 February 2021 | 11:18 am | Dan Cribb

"There’s real fear in real feeling."

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Liz Stringer’s next album is coming this April, and today we have the pleasure of sharing its first single and accompanying clip.

Premiering via The Music, title track First Time Really Feeling promises exciting things to come from the Aussie favourite's sixth studio album, slated for release on April 30 via Milk!/Remote Control Records.

First Time Really Feeling is about experiencing the world with a clear and present heart for the first time after beginning a process of intense personal change, precipitated by getting sober at 36,” Stringer said.

“It was initially very frightening but ultimately liberating and necessary for me to face everything that I hadn’t been able to look at, for a lot of different reasons, for many years. There’s real fear in real feeling. But I believe now that, for me, it’s the only place from which real love can grow and thrive.”

On the music video, director Dyllan Corbett noted: “Exploring the outskirts of Melbourne just out of lockdown, we wanted the camera to feel the energy of life on the road while capturing a nostalgia and simple beauty of home. 

“With a small crew, we convoyed around to find these almost forgotten about places- which now inspired a deeper gratitude in us all. In some ways the message of the track reinforced the team’s creativity - helping us to find inspiration in the seemingly mundane. 

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“Liz’s storytelling resonates so powerfully on-screen; at times colourful, or peering out of darkness but always with a richness that evokes the imagination.”

Check out the First Time Really Feeling music video above.