15 June 2023 | 10:10 am | Mary Varvaris
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To celebrate the release and video premiere of SOS, we caught up with All Regards for a quick Q&A.

All Regards

All Regards (Credit: Beth Morrison (Act Four Photography))

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Melbourne alt-rockers All Regards are back with SOS, a track about cutting toxic people out of your life with one of the best choruses we’ve heard in a minute.

As well as the energetic new single and electric music video Kill Your Stereo is premiering today, All Regards are announcing that they’ve added two new members to the band – Stefan Sepulveda on guitars and vocals, and Lachlan Marshall on drums.

The new band lineup will be showcased at the live launch of SOS at Cherry Bar in Melbourne on Saturday, 1 July, with support from Catholic Guilt and After School Care. All Regards will also make their way to Canberra the week after on Saturday, 8 July, for Burntout Bookings’ second birthday party headlined by Suzi.

“I came to the realisation that some people have this toxicity about them that almost consumes you and messes with your head,” vocalist Jeremy Allen said in a statement. “I made a choice to cut these people out of my life and it made my own mental health a lot stabler than it had been previously. I think SOS has themes that anyone can resonate with in their own unique way."

To celebrate the release and video premiere of SOS, we caught up with All Regards for a quick Q&A about their new single, the production process, and what the future looks like for the band.

You’re welcoming two new members with this new release, could you introduce your new lineup? Who is All Regards in 2023?

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The new era of All Regards is Jeremy Allen, Stefan Sepulveda, Mark Fuhrmann and Lachlan Marshall. Lachie was the first person who reached out when we were in need of a new drummer which was a godsend.

At around the same time when we were looking for a second guitarist, Stefan’s previous band Snark had recently called it a day. We’re really excited to have Lachie & Stefan onboard who both share the same drive and passion to be in a thriving band as a part of Melbourne’s heavy/alternative music scene.

SOS is a belter! Could you share some info on the track, what’s it about and where did you draw inspiration?

SOS’ creation started as everyone hears it, with the riff that begins the song and is scattered throughout. Musically the song maintains our pop-punk roots as heard on our previous tracks but with this one, we wanted to add a bit of that '90s flare to the song as we got right into the discography of Silverchair but mainly took inspiration from their first three records. 

Lyrically, the song came from going through the rollercoaster that life has thrown at us all over the last few years. For me (Jeremy), it was coming to a place of realisation of who the people were in my life that I wanted around, and those that were ‘toxic’ to me draining my mental health. These people did not deserve the attention I chose to give them at the time. It’s a piece of self-reflection that I delved into while sitting at home waiting for things to become normal again. I feel lyrically that SOS has something that each individual listener can relate to and resonate with.

What was the production process like? Who did you work with on the single and video?

SOS was recorded and produced by Darcy Handley (Terra) and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Better Half, Belle Haven). The song was recorded in early to mid-2022 at the same time we recorded our last single Wonder. The recording process was pretty sporadic due to all of us not always being in the studio at the same time due to other external factors like Covid isolation or other personal commitments. 

We decided to release our previous single and delay the release of SOS until we had gotten our new line-up together so we had something tangible for our fans to get a hold of alongside the announcement of this new era of the band. The music video was directed and edited by John Stokes (Drastic Park). We recorded the whole thing in a day at a little studio in Dandenong and wanted to keep it performance-based to best showcase the four of us as a cohesive unit.

Where can listeners catch you live?

As part of the single release, we are putting on a launch show at Cherry Bar on Saturday 1st July alongside our mates Catholic Guilt and After School Care. Then the following week, we are heading to our first interstate show, playing in Canberra for Burntout Bookings’ 2nd Birthday Party with Suzi headlining.

What does the future look like for All Regards?

In the last few months, we have been writing a bunch of new songs with this new lineup so we’re hoping to get into the process of releasing a lot more new music. We’re also planning to play heaps of great shows from now on!

Check out SOS below.