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TRACK BY TRACK: To Octavia Entice You Into The Dreamy Terrain Of Their New EP

15 July 2021 | 11:37 am | To Octavia

With their otherworldly take on melodic metalcore, Melbourne rockers To Octavia have emerged from a barrage of lockdowns armed with a monstrous new lease on life, with their second EP 'Somewhere In A World, Not Of The Dream' officially due out tomorrow. But before their latest endeavour unveils, To Octavia vocalist Merry Kirk-Holmes is here to take you track by track through the metal magic lying in wait.

Fall Into The Sun

This was one of the first tracks we started working on for our new EP, I remember thinking it had an early 2000’s heavy rock vibe. I wrote the lyrics to this song while I was living alone throughout the Melbourne 2020 lockdown. It talks about my self-destruction, not reaching out, and pushing away everyone in fear of bringing them down with me.

The Sound of the Rain

This was the first song I wrote vocally for the new EP, it was hard adjusting to doing the harsh vocals as well as cleans. Although it might not come through musically, I was listening to a lot of The Cure around that time so the lyrics are heavily influenced by them. It is essentially about the ending of a co-dependant relationship and how hard it was for both of us to try and move on.

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I was so excited when I heard the first demo for COCO MOJO. That pop/dance/electro vibe caught me off guard for sure, but straight away I knew I had to write something light and funky for the vocals. Lyrically it is about love in lockdown and holding on to hope that some time soon things will change, and get better. I still hold on to that hope.


Sleep is my favourite track off the new EP. It talks about how I avoided my problems. Distracting myself with sex and partying, and all of these things that bring a temporary feeling of joy. Even though I could pretend to be okay, ultimately I just ended up hurting myself and the people around me.

Unknown Worlds

Unknown Worlds was the hardest song for me to record. I wrote the lyrics in the studio while I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. It’s about having to cut off someone that was very special to me for most of my memorable life after our relationship became extremely toxic, and it threatened to ruin both our lives.

Edge of the Universe

This is the last on the EP and it deals with the aftermath of the themes in Unknown Worlds. I wanted to write something very specific in its meaning. These were the last lyrics that I wrote, and I felt like I had gone on a personal journey throughout the process of recording this new EP. I guess the message in this song is it’s better to let go and move forwards through an unknown future, than hold on to a poisonous past.


Somewhere In A World, Not Of The Dream is officially out tomorrow, pre-save it here. For the group's upcoming shows, head to theGuide for all the info.