Timmy Trumpet Euro Tour Diary: Part Three

29 May 2015 | 9:45 am | Timmy Trumpet

Bouncing off the walls with Timmy!

29 APR

Had some crazy shows over the past few days, but I’m missing a few CDs. After reviewing the photos we’ve come to the conclusion that a club goer grabbed himself a sneaky souvenir. Thankfully it wasn’t the CD that had my unreleased collab TOCA on it. Carnage and KSMR would have killed me!


If it wasn’t obvious, doing 4 shows in 4 countries in 4 days really takes a toll on you. I would be passed out from exhaustion right now if it weren’t for the crowd at Arches in Glasgow. I came out just before my set and they were chanting ‘Timmy! Timmy! Timmy Fookin Trumpet!’. That was one of those ‘is this real life?’ moments.

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Insomnia sucks. 5am and sleep is nowhere in sight. I’ve got too many emails, twitter mentions and WIP tracks to get anywhere close to sleepy. The late set times don’t help either. It’s not uncommon in Europe for 2-3am to be the peak set time. I can see the sun on the horizon and I’ve got a flight in 4 hours. I’m turning off my laptop now and going to sleep. Probably.


I’m in Poland and apparently Freaks did really well here. I’ve got two shows tonight, both sold out - totaling 10,000 tickets! It wasn’t until I got to my hotel room and found the two trophies with “Our Best Super Star” engraved on them that the hype was real. These are going straight to the pool room!

12 MAY

I’m starting to miss home a little after skyping my Mum for Mother’s day. Makes you appreciate family, friends and Australia. Tour life is amazing but there’s nothing quite like your own bed. Only 20 days and 12 countries left!