Timmy Trumpet Euro Tour Diary: Part One

16 April 2015 | 1:43 pm | Timmy Trumpet

Sleeping in cars, waking up in bathtubs - Timmy Trumpet hits Europe!

29 Mar

Timmy Trumpet here, chronicling my Euro tour for you guys. I was fortunate enough to tour Europe in my teenage years as part of a jazz band. This time round I’ll be squeezing 30 plus shows in two months. I have no idea what to expect.

Just a quiet night in...

1 apr

After 28 hours of travel I was greeted in Budapest to an airport full of people chanting “Freaks”. So fucking surreal! Apparently tonight's show is sold out! This is better than my jazz tour already. 

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4 apr

Flew into France just in time for Easter - European chocolate is de-fucking-licious! I need to remember to bring a stash home with me. At this point, we have our first casualty of the tour. My photographer/tour manager Cooper had his bag ‘misplaced’ by Air France. Lucky for us, he packed his camera gear in his carry on and with a few hours to spare in Strasbourg, we had ourselves a tourist day. Hopefully the airline can find the bag before we leave the country in a couple of days.

Not a bad way to spend your day off, huh Timmy?

7 apr

We landed in Germany, luggage still missing. My driver tells me we’re going to be traveling on the Autobahn, infamous for having literally no speed limit. I’m learning a lot about myself on this tour, today’s lesson is 250km/hr too fucking fast! Somehow I survived to play to another show in Munich with my old mate Tommy Trash. He is leading the Australian invasion! Next stop was Pietna, Poland. I wanted to keep fresh and rested for the whole tour so I made a promise to myself not to drink too much. Unfortunately no one taught me how to say ‘No thank you, I’ve had enough vodka’ in Polish. I woke up in a bathtub with no recollection of leaving the club. I’m glad to have a tour manager who’s professional enough to drag my drunk ass to bed. Or bath - close enough.

Tommy Trash and Timmy Trumpet. So many Ts...

10 apr

Back in France today, this time heading for Meylan. We actually manage to get back the missing bag while we were at the airport in Paris. I’m told by the promoters that tonight’s show is sold out as we drink beers at the top of the Bastille above Grenoble. Spirits are high!

12 apr

Yesterday I woke up in France, spent lunch in Switzerland and went to bed in Italy. I thought it was impressive but my driver insisted ‘oh yah we do it all the time.’ I couldn’t tell if he was fucking with me or not. All these countries are so close together but they’ve all got their own feel. It’s incredible. I’m glad I’ve got a day off tomorrow - three shows in 24 hours really takes its toll on the liver.

Now this is how you do the whole sleeping thing...