Timmy Trumpet Euro Tour Diary: Part Two

30 April 2015 | 6:07 pm | Timmy Trumpet

A broken trumpet, the best day of his life and more.

13 Apr

Just had one of the best days of my life. I walked out of the hotel to three car loads of lunatics offering to take me on a tour of Como (my new favourite place). We spent the whole day laughing, eating, drinking, boating and partying around this beautiful city. I think I want to live here some day.

16 Apr

Touchdown Bordeaux France and we’ve got a problem - no WiFi. It might sound like a first world problem but when your manager is in LA, your booking agent is in London and your family in Australia, Skype is your best friend. I ended up going to three different hotels, all with slow or no WiFi. I got to see a lot of Bordeaux, though. Ended up in the ritziest hotel I’ve ever seen. No joke, I’m pretty sure there’s a President staying here right now; there were armed guards and black vans everywhere. Oh yeah, and they have internet!

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19 Apr

A few different friends gave me the same advice before I left for this tour. It went: “Mad Club Switzerland is the best club in Europe,” followed by “but Swiss crowds are weird.” I didn’t really know what to expect going into my Mad Club experience. I knew I had to nail it, there were a lot of industry types there and the pressure was on. Thankfully, the show went off, despite the weirdos. I spent today sightseeing with Igor, the owner and his family, turns out his son is a fan.

21 Apr

My track Freaks recently went Gold in the Netherlands and that’s enough of an excuse for me to swing by the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The official reason is for press, radio shows and interviews to promote Freaks but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an ulterior motive - that is spending time relaxing in a cafe by the canals.

23 Apr

I broke my trumpet at my last show. It happens more than you’d think, all it takes is a vibrating subwoofer to send my baby walk-abouts. Although, I once threw it into the crowd after getting way too into the show. That one’s on me. I thought I’d have a hard time getting it fixed but it turns out all the best trumpets are from Europe, it’s now in better shape than when I bought it!

26 Apr

Back to France again for my 13th show of the tour. This time I’m in Bignan (pronounced ‘beengyohn’ as I was told after my show, where I yelled out “What’s up Big Nan” on the mic). The fire safety regulations here are super relaxed. There’s always crazy pyrotechnics shooting off. A couple of weeks ago something actually caught fire on stage and no one batted an eyelid. Fire hazards aside, I love Europe.