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Ticks Off The Bucket List & A Bottle Of Dom Perignon From Keith Urban - On Tour With Buchanan

12 December 2016 | 1:36 pm | Josh Simons (Buchanan)

"Not just one of the greatest guitarists and performers in the world, also a lovely human being."

Currently in the middle of a huge national tour with Keith Urban, Melbourne band Buchanan are making sure to keep a record of all that's going down on the road with their own tour diary, which can be seen exclusively right here at

Check out part one below. 

Hard to believe these shows have finally arrived! We found out about them in June - now here we are in December actually doing it! We decided fairly early on that rather than bombard everyone with permanent pictures of #roadlyf we’d chronicle most of the journey via Instagram stories at @buchananband.

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I've chosen some highlights for part one of our tour diary as we hit the road with Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

Eight shows in two weeks inevitably meant lots of flying, so it was only appropriate that our first shot was an airport shot.

Here we have Tom Crimmins (drums), Cristian Barbieri (guitar), Kieran Jones (bass) and yours truly, Josh Simons on the singing.

A tour of this size requires TEN trucks to move stages and equipment between cities and shows (they're always refining that, currently working on getting it down to nine).

Your first ever soundcheck in an arena is frankly something I don’t think anyone would ever forget #blessed.

Not just one of the greatest guitarists and performers in the world, also a lovely human being - thank YOU Keith for this opportunity, LOVE Buchanan.

This is one of our roadies Joel - he’s been with us since Day 1 #Vampr.

Woken by this fella the morning of our first of two Rod Laver Arena shows.


One less thing on that bucket list!

Ran to the top of an empty Rod Laver during our soundcheck.

Making our way to the stage.

The band are soundchecking while I put this tour diary together! See you for Part two!