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Theatre Focus: Monkey... Journey To The West

14 October 2015 | 3:52 pm | Artist Submission

"A show for all, full of puppets, acrobats, laughs and martial arts."

Answered by: Aljin Abella (performer)

Describe your show in a tweet? Catch a cloud and experience the magic of Monkey, where East meets West in a show for all, full of puppets, acrobats, laughs and martial arts.

When you first read this show what stood out to you about the character? Despite being a supernatural being with mystic powers, even Monkey must learn his limitations and to work with the other pilgrims if they are all to succeed in their journey. He has many human elements that are universal and in that sense is a positive role model for children.

As a performer do you have a pre-show ritual? The show requires so much physically and vocally that a good warm-up and staying fit is essential. Having sufficient prep time to apply the intricate make-up, spend time with the other actors and some solitary time on stage always readies me before each performance.

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What excites you about Australian theatre? A show like Monkey highlights an audience's love for strong story and engaging characters no matter where its origin. Despite being written centuries ago, we are able to reimagine it with an Australian sensibility and in turn provide an opportunity on stage to reflect Australia as it truly is today: diverse and inclusive.

When and where is your show? 14 — 17 Oct, IMB Theatre, Illawarra Performing Arts Centre