Oh Mercy Video Shoot: The Man In The Gold Suit

9 July 2012 | 6:24 pm | Cassandra Fumi

An exclusive inside look at the filming of Oh Mercy's film clip for 'Drums'.

When your boss asks you to go to party on Saturday night for a film shoot mustering up a response is not difficult…you say yes! Said film shoot was for Oh Mercy's new single Drums, lifted from their new album Deep Heat, which will be released August 24.

Arriving at the shoot felt a lot like last Saturday night, and the Saturday before then... and the Friday and Saturday before that. The only noticeable difference was free alcohol (that hadn't been racked from a bathtub).

The fellas were suited up. Singer Alex Gow was in an all-gold suit reminiscent of Elvis on coffee mugs in the most kitch of kitchens. Guitarist Simon Okely was wearing a pristine white suit with a perfectly ironed pleat fold down the centre; the nature of the fold is heavily discussed with Okely over a ciggie in the backyard, complete with moody lighting and necessary heaters. 

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Alex Gow amongst a sea of partygoers.

Sipping a Carlton, it was difficult not to admire the costumes of the party-goers, it was a sea of vibrant colours – many donning head-dresses, elaborate face paint and maracas, yes maracas. The vibe was electric and it felt feel like a party with old friends; catching up, talking shit and dancing…lots of dancing.

A definite highlight was launching a glitter cannon to the roof - gold hearts rained down onto the dancing bodies. A gold heart may have been taken as a Saturday night souvenir and admired by a punter at the Toff.

The film shoot was quite the fiesta in 'sleepy' North Fitzroy (note: sarcasm). What was required of us? To have fun. What was required of the band? To have fun! Noticing a theme. This is not a difficult feat, particularly when a song like Drums is being blasted over the speakers.

Leaving the house, a thought overcame me….

I love my shitty fucking job!

The Drums film clip should be released Wednesday 18 July.

Best Quotes of the Shoot:

“I am a bit disappointed that no chicks are interacting with me” - Alex Gow (The chicks then flocked, maybe the suit was putting them off".

“The more you move. The better." Liam Gilmore, Director

“Last night I had a dream… I was David Bowie.” Lucy Moir, partygoer

Watch Alex fight his way through dancing girls: