The Holidays Tour Diary: Part Two

2 July 2014 | 11:50 am | The Holidays

The Holidays play it cool in their latest tour diary. Oh, and something about a mysterious toy monkey?

We welcome you back for the second entry into The Holidays' tour. A lot has happened since our last entry, we drove cars, ate burgers and gave each other high fives. So on that note, here's our trip to Brissy!

We're up bright and early at 6am with a fresh hire car and we're ready to take on the 12 hour journey to Brisbane. We seem to be in great spirits considering we all know we're going to be in this small box together for a whole day.

45 minutes later the mood has seemed to have taken a real nose dive. A quick stop at maccas should put Alex into a nice food coma so he can sleep out the next few hours drive.

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It's a nice and daunting feeling when you see how much ground we're gonna cover today before we make it to our soundcheck. Time to power on!

Fast forward ten hours... We made it! We got all of the loading and soundcheck out of the way, now its time to hang out at the venue and soak up the atmosphere before we hit the stage. We actually made it into the nightclub photo gallery here. We felt cool.

As I mentioned in the last tour entry, it's always good to pack your gear before you hit the hay as it allows for a smooth check out the next morning. You can see here our percussionist Dave has been taking the advice to the next level. As for the toy monkey, I'll just leave it as a mystery.

After waking up from a great gig in Brisbane, we hit the road back home to Sydney. It's a lot of burgers, driving and high-fiving. But for that 60 minutes up on the stage, playing to a great crowd with your bandmates, it's all worth it!

That's it for part two of The Holidays tour diary. Stay tuned!