Summer Focus: SASH

3 November 2015 | 2:30 pm | Artist Submission

"We felt we it was time to bring back the daytime vibes birth at the old Abercrombie"

Answered by: Jack Schirnack

Why should people choose S.A.S.H over any other venue this summer? Well, if you enjoy quality house, clean crisp sound in a non-pretentious environment then look no further. Plus whether it's daytime partying in the sunshine or nighttime boogieing all the way into Monday we have you covered... Every Sunday!

Why have you added the Terrace at The Greenwood Hotel instead of just sticking with the original nighttime venue HOME Nightclub? As much as HOME has allowed our party to expand and grow we felt it was time to bring back the daytime vibes born at the old Abercrombie. That's what S.A.S.H is about, that's its roots and why it started: dancing in the Sunday sun. So we thought lets bring back that blissful Sunday energy S.A.S.H used to have, while still keeping the heaving party we currently have at HOME. Covering all bases for your Sunday Funday.

Will you stick with S.A.S.H. By Day after summer? Most definitely! It's here to stay. Over the last four years, winter has actually been busier then summer. I suppose it comes down to chicken soup and Midsomer Murders or S.A.S.H? Plus Sydney winters are clear crisp and beautiful: perfect dancing weather. Besides, we're looking at a couple of 'winter warmers' for The Greenwood this season - think mulled cider, mushroom heaters and a couple of extra surprises we'll be keeping under our beanies for now.

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It's 35 degrees - what drink would you suggest if we're at S.A.S.H By Day? A frozen patron Margarita with loads of chilli flakes and salt on the rim! 

Any uniquely summer activities/events coming up for us? We like to keep our line-up's pretty under wraps but I will say that our Christmas party line-up is looking like one of our biggest line-up's yet!

Can we traipse sand in and wear our togs or are you looking for clubbing gear despite the sun? Not at all, we would prefer you to turn up in a mermaid costume still covered in sand with a star fish on your head than in clubbing gear.

Will S.A.S.H By Night turn up the heat even more at night? I can't say much but we do have a few surprises in store that will definitely be increasing the amount of music being transported to your ears. Basically more fun!

What are the biggest names to play at S.A.S.H this summer? OXIA, Mihai Popoviciu, David Keno and Dale Howard. That's just 'til the end of Spring!