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Stage Huddles, Final Bows & A Tour In GIFs - On Tour With Buchanan Part Two

19 December 2016 | 2:14 pm | Josh Simons (Buchanan)

'Every audience rocked on this tour and gave us everything they had - thank you.'

So we decided after part one of this tour diary that simply chronicling our biggest tour to date via Instagram Stories probably wasn’t good enough on our part, so we brought in friend-of-the-band and one-time manager, the supremely talented Mr Adam Baidawi, to shoot the rest of the tour.

These first few photos cover dressing room prep prior to hitting the stage each night - last minute setlist scribbles, vocal warm-ups, getting into stage clothes, etc.

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We ran a competition prior to the tour giving vocalists from anywhere in the world the chance to sing on stage with us at Rod Laver Arena for two sold-out nights.

We ran the competition to drive awareness of my app, Vampr, which helps musicians and music industry folk connect and discover one another, irrespective of where you live or who you know.

The winning trio, Folk U, absolutely smashed it on stage and asked us to scribble on their guitar #Vampr.

The walk.

Our pre-gig huddle behind the stage, mere moments before walking out.

The show.

Taking a bow because every audience rocked on this tour and gave us everything they had - thank you x

The post-show packdown featuring TM Justin Healey (aka Tour Dad) and the rehydration of yours truly!

And finally, what does a Buchanan show look like in GIFs? Until next time…