Square Sounds Festival Focus: Spirit Bunny

19 February 2016 | 4:10 pm | Artist Submission

"The two Commodore 64s that Kate rocks are crucial to Spirit Bunny's sound."

Answered by: Joel Saunders

Where are you from? Australia.

What's your favourite thing about chipmusic/the chiptune scene? This is Spirit Bunny's first time playing a 'chip tune' show so we are keen to see how the 'chip tune' community will take to us.

What track would you recommend newbies to chip music check out as a gateway song? dot.AY was my intro to chiptune music.

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What influences your music the most? Trying to capture the physicality of noise-guitar bands, and reimagine it through the plastic and wires that is cheap '80s technology is what we do.

What's your favourite piece of equipment and why? The two Commodore 64s that Kate rocks are crucial to Spirit Bunny's sound. They makes some of the nastiest synth sounds around. My circuit bent Casio SK- 5 and 8 are also pretty mad.

What's your favourite video game and why? Is Wikipedia a video game?

What can we expect from your set at Square Sounds? We are excited to play alongside live visualist Simulcast and to blast the audience with a full band experience.

What day and time are you playing at Square Sounds? 5 Mar, 8.10pm.

Square Sounds Festival is held at Evelyn Hotel on 4 & 5 Mar.