Six Pack: Benjalu

5 December 2012 | 6:11 am | Benny Doyle

Novocastrian roots ensemble Benjalu are in the midst of their biggest headline run of dates, and as Ben Gumbleton says, it’s all in the name of good times.

Thriving on the open road in the warmer months and travelling to parts of the country that they've long missed, Benjalu are looking to spread their tunes nationwide this summer. Recalling the antique shine of Gomez and the stirring emotion of Jose Gonzalez, the five-piece soundtrack an open road better than most, a fact not surprising when you consider where the glut of their musical ideas are birthed from.

“Most of our songs come from things we see or things that happen to us,” Gumbleton, the 24-year-old vocalist-guitarist explains when probed about their forthcoming debut record. “These new songs were written about our personal experiences over the last 12 months. I think lyrically, some of them are a little deeper this time around. We try and speak straight to the point so that our listeners are able to connect with whatever topic it may be.”

Although the music of the quintet sounds accomplished and focused, it doesn't mean the boys are straight-laced or lacking 'loose' bones in their bodies. Yes, putting it together on record and the stage is of the utmost importance, but the band are still creating music to encourage joy and positivity between themselves and their fans.

“Benjalu, for us, has always been about having fun – especially at our live shows,” Gumbleton confirms. “With very little radio play, the people that come to see us are the ones that help our fanbase grow. If we're having fun, then hopefully the audience will have fun, and then they will tell their friends about how much fun they had, and then those friends come next time and have fun, and so the cycle continues!”

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