Single Focus: Steve Hensby

11 November 2015 | 11:14 am | Artist Submission

"Everything was pretty much first take and was captured very nicely."

Single title? Stage Fright

What's the song about? It's about not being afraid of diving into a situation head on and trying your best to see what happens.

How long did it take to write/record? It was written very quickly in maybe an hour. We recorded everything in a few hours at the studio. Everything was pretty much first take and was captured very nicely.

Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? It's the first single from my upcoming release. I have been writing lots of acoustic jazz and brazilian inspired material so it's all going to be lumped onto an album. 

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What was inspiring you during the song's writing and recording? Having the production stripped back and having everything very grass roots and natural. Lyrically I wanted to write something uplifting and positive. Take the bad with the good it all helps.

We'll like this song if we like... Dancing, clapping, going 'oooooooooo' a lot, great drums!!

Do you play it differently live? I play this particular song the same live; it's almost a live studio recording to be honest!

When and where is your launch/next gig? 19 Nov at Ellington Jazz Club.

Website link for more info?