Single Focus: Captain JD Funk

18 November 2015 | 4:23 pm | Artist Submission

"Funk Boat - sailing the seven seas of groove."

Answered by: Joshua King

Single title? Soda Pop/Funk Boat

What's the song about? Soda Pop — loves dancing and loves life but always wants more. Funk Boat — sailing the seven seas of groove.

How long did it take to write/record? About two days.

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Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? Forthcoming album also called Funk Boat to be released early 2016.

What was inspiring you during the song's writing and recording? Summer, love, freedom and the love of dancing with abandon late into the night with friends and lovers.

We'll like this song if we like... James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Jamiroquai, Chic, Daft Punk.

Do you play it differently live? Only slightly. Pretty true to the recordings.

When and where is your launch/next gig? Next gig is 28 Nov at Elsternwick Hotel, 9pm sharp! Funk on down, baby!

Website link for more info?