Review: Tim Tam Virgin Cocktail Flavours

25 February 2016 | 3:07 pm | Staff Writer

We tried Tim Tam's new virgin cocktails range. Here are the verdicts.

Velvet Mudslide

"Mmm, kinda like Fry's Turkish Delight... and is that some cake texture in there somehow?" - Bryget.

"Anything but velvet. The sickly sweet coffee-ish caramel ("mudslide" component I presume) hits the back of your teeth and lingers like a cling-on." - Loretta

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"A perfect addition to the Tim Tam family. Chocolatey coffee goodness with a kick." - Andrew.

"Yum. Got me feeling like a hip young mom feeling like a naughty arvo drink (that is also a dessert and a pep-up) while her kid's napping." - Steph.

Espresso Martini

"Tim Tam Slamming an actual espresso through this one would be the bomb." - Bryget.

"Like a crunchy espresso martini... but like, not a fresh one, one from a tap." - Brad.

"Actually delicious and I don't usually like espresso martinis. Perfect afternoon pick-me-up!" - Rebecca.

"I enjoyed it, but would not pick it over the originals; very strong tasting but couldn't imagine I could eat more than one." - Niall.

Strawberry Champagne

"Like a Tim Tam dunked in strawberry Yan Yan... and I like Tim Tams and Yan Yan." - Ben.

"I threw up without the pleasure of getting drunk." - Tim. (He took one bite and spat it all in the bin.)

"A Chapstick encased in chocolate." - Sarah.

"Not really appealing. The strawberry centre (which tastes like every other artificial strawberry ever, from Nesquik to Chupa-Chup) just takes over and overpowers every other flavour including the Tim Tam flavour." - Zoe

"That time when there was no more alcohol in the house and you found a rose West Coast Cooler bottle that had fallen behind the fridge. You drank it." - Andrew.

Pina Colada

"Who doesn't like getting tropical? Massive setback: this biscuit does not get you drunk." - Tim.

"Yes! In solid version. A surprising winner." - Sarah.

"Take it to the tropics. Bury it and let it stay there..." - Scott.

"What!? White biscuit inside a Tim Tam. Wrong. The lolly pineapple flavour even wronger." - Andrew.