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PREMIERE: Liz Stringer - Protecting Myself

1 July 2016 | 11:18 am | Staff Writer

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To cheer on Liz Stringer as she releases her new album All The Bridges today, we're excited to be sharing her brand new video for Protecting Myself this morning.

The black-and-white clip which encapsulates the song's themes of self-preservation really well was shot at two boxing gyms, with Stringer herself producing and conceptualising the clip. 

Stringer says of the video, "I worked with Agostino Soldati, who shot and directed the Anyone clip, on this video. He has such a talent for capturing the ordinary, beautiful human moments and we wanted to use those as the centre of the clip.

"He filmed in two different gyms and we shot my stuff over the course of a day and night between Williamstown, Preston and Altona. I'm
so stoked with the finished product."

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We premiered Stringer's new album two days ago, but if you're enjoying it be sure to pick up a copy.