PREMIERE: From Oslo - No Sound

15 March 2016 | 3:52 pm | Staff Writer

As you do when you're feeling "shithouse" and can't be arsed being the one to get the coffee, the two lads in From Oslo end up battling it out all day playing '80s and '90s games, from Hungry Hungry Hippos, Nintendo 64, darts, Donkey Kong and Twister, just to avoid being the one to make the caffeine run.

Like we said… as you do.

The duo are the second signing on the brand spanking new record label arm of Brissy-based PR and management company, Habit. The grunge-punk lads will soon be releasing their debut self-titled EP on the label, so it's exciting times ahead for the guys!

Directed and edited by Joshua De Laurentiis, No Sound is a cheeky look into the off-tour antics of From Oslo. 

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