MICF Focus: Luis Brown

21 March 2016 | 1:38 pm | Artist Submission

"Think Sesame Street, but with no puppets. Think Oprah, but with no cars to give away. Think a TED Talk, but with more songs about cats."

Tell us a knock-knock joke. I don't really know any knock-knock jokes because our door at home has a flyscreen door. It doesn't really knock. My dad just told me one! Knock, knock! Who's there? Claws. Claws who? Santa Claws! But that funny joke isn't true to real life. Santa Claws would use the chimney. He never knocks on doors.

Briefly describe your show. It is an educational party for the senses! Think Sesame Street, but with no puppets. Think Oprah, but with no cars to give away. Think a TED Talk, but with more songs about cats. Some important subjects I will cover by speech, song and dance include: balloons, floppy disks, dancing, dads, coolboys and cats. I love cats.

What was the inspiration behind your show? You can learn a lot from the television. For this show I spent months in front of our TV watching our collection of video recordings. I watched a lot of Babar and The Ferals, but Dr Phil, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Daryl Somers are my key inspirations for this show.

Besides making people laugh, what else do you hope people get from your show? I hope people learn something. There is a big world outside of my house and it is full of mystery. We need to learn more in order to understand the world better. Some things will forever remain a mystery though, like how watermelon flavour always tastes better than real watermelon, or why my feet always look unfamiliar. I think it's because they are always covered by socks.

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What was the biggest challenge you encountered while writing your show? Running out of marshmallows. While I was writing my show, as a treat, I would reward myself with a marshmallow for each page I wrote. Sometimes I would sneak in two or three marshmallows per page because they were good pages. I ran out of marshmallows four times while writing the show, so that was a big expense for my comedy festival budget.

Describe your perfect audience. Cats.

What happened the last time you were heckled? Once I was halfway through a funny joke and somebody in the audience screamed, "I want to have your babies, Luis!" It was very confusing. I don't have any children and if I did, I wouldn't just give them to a stranger at Falls Festival.

What's your pre-show ritual? How do you unwind after a show? I don't really relax because I have to make sure I am on time to catch the next bus home. If it gets too late I then have to catch the Night Rider, and nobody wants to catch the Night Rider bus home.

What makes a good comedy hour? And what makes an abysmal one? A good comedy hour is one that uses confetti. An abysmal one is one that doesn't use enough confetti. I can tell a comedy show has not gone well if the floor is too clean.

Is there anything that comics shouldn't joke about? Lettuce. It isn't very funny. I don't think comedians should even try because it is impossible.

When did you realise you had to become a comedian? When I made Mr Gonzalez laugh. He works at the deli at the shops. He never laughs because his wife divorced him. Once I asked for a hard sausage (the salami) and he couldn't stop laughing. I still don't understand why but at least it made him happy.

What would you be doing if you weren't a comedian? If I wasn't a comedian I would be the next Daryl Somers. Hopefully it will be returning to TV. I will be there for the auditions. Hopefully it won't be like Red Faces because Red Symons scares me. I would prefer Dicko. He doesn't have a horrible gong.

What's a ridiculous situation you've been in that you got a joke from? Once my brother slipped on a banana peel and now I say the word banana in my show. It's a pretty funny word, unlike the word lettuce.

What do you love about Comedy Festival season? Melbourne turns into a big, smiley city. Everyone is looking for a good time and looking to smile. Unless you flyer them. Then they get upset and tell you not to bother them because they're on their way to work and it's 7.30am! Why are you doing this now?

What was the last thing that had you in side-splitting laughter? My little brother slipped on a banana peel. It was just like in the cartoons. It was upsetting for him, yes. But it was very funny. Almost as funny as keyboard cat. That's the funniest video I've seen.

What other comedians are you excited to check out at the Festival? David O'Doherty, Aunty Donna (under 18s show with NO SWEARING), I Love Green Guide Letters, Eli Matthewson and Steve Martin — I heard he is doing stand-up again!

Website link for more info? comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/lessons-with-luis