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Melbourne Fringe Focus: Bad Egg Boys

14 September 2015 | 5:09 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Johnno and Simmo

Describe your show in a tweet: Bad Egg Boys is immersive sketch comedy so good it's criminal. We are Johnno and Simmo, we bust in and hold the audience captive with our five-star show!

Why did you decide to do Fringe 2015? Mate, us Bad Egg Boys do what we want. We're busting outta prison to unload our creative brain bullets onto Fringe venues across the country! We've got a history with the boss dog that needs resolving so watch out! *wolf howls*

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on the project: Well we have these two 'friends' named Nadia Collins (Perth) and Fran Middleton (Sydney), so-called "fabulous comediennes who follow through and hit every mark" who helped us get out on night release, but whatever man, they probably haven't even done crime ever so they better not get too cocky or we'll egg the tits off 'em!

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In a fantasy world, who would you be the love child of and why? Simmo was born of wolf and snake in an alley and Johnno was born of someone else's grandparents. For real. No fantasy. One hundred per cent historical Bad Egg Boys origins. Perfect recipe for hard-boiled crime.

When & Where: 17 — 26 Sep, The Atrium, Tuxedo Cat