Meatstock BBQ Wars Focus: BLVD BBQ Restaurant

5 February 2016 | 4:44 pm | Artist Submission

"Good meat, knowing your rubs, sauces, wood and your smoker are all you need to win."

Answered by: James McDermott

How did you get into the barbecue business? Our pitmaster, Josh, is a professional chef of more than 13 years. He has always involved BBQ in his menus, inviting others to share his passion. This effort came to fruition in June 2014 with the opening of his BBQ restaurant, BLVD Restaurant. We haven't looked back.

What's your signature dish? Pickled jalapeno and cheddar smoked pork sausages. We use natural sausage casings for authentic, spicy, cheesy smoked pork goodness.

Can you let us in on what you're bringing to the BBQ Wars? Rubs and sauces made from scratch and rigorously tested on our apprentices. Good meat, knowing your rubs, sauces, wood and your smoker are all you need to win.

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Which bands/artists are you keen to catch at Meatstock? Definitely The Beards. They get the crowd going with that rhythm and the lyrics! That is perfection. Also keen to check out Mustered Courage and Sahara Beck.

If you could feed any band/artist playing at Meatstock who would it be and what would you serve them? The Beards, without a doubt. We would serve them ironbark smoked beef brisket, house made pickles and peppered slaw. A meal like that puts hair on your chest!

What else are you looking forward to at Meatstock? The crowds. Any time you find like-minded people sharing your passion is a good time. There will be thousands of them at Meatstock. Can't be unhappy about that.