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Lucy Rose Has A Different Take On Life After Her Unconventional Tour

4 August 2017 | 10:00 am | Louis Costello

"Sometimes small things would get me down but now I'm always thinking about the big picture, and it's really not worth being stressed about anything."

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Lucy Rose's dedication to her fans is unwavering. The singer-songwriter recently ventured over to South America and Mexico to play a string of shows entirely self-funded, with individual fans organising venues for Rose to play free shows in their small towns. It was a seemingly simple trade - Rose would play music in exchange for her fans' hospitality - however, it was a trade that cemented Rose as a rare brand of musician. The kind who has her music and the interest of her listeners entirely at the forefront, while personal gain - monetary and otherwise - takes a back seat. Despite the singer-songwriter's admirable intentions, her desire to perform in such unknown territory did make for a challenge to organise.

"Because I was insisting that the shows were free entry, it made it much harder for the fan to book the gig even when the venue believed they were booking it," Rose recalls. "Some towns I played didn't have a venue, so then the fan asked either a cafe or the council if they could help with the gig... I ended up playing some pretty crazy places, above a laundrette, in the British embassy, a winery, the list goes on."

The tea connoisseur (who happens to have her own blend, FYI) also experienced a brief moment of doubt before embarking on her unconventional tour, which Rose believes once again boils down to that fear of the unknown. "Some people were really concerned with the whole idea, which I get, so that did maybe make me think twice, but deep down I was super driven to make this happen and prove that people are good," she insists. "I really believed my fans would take care of me because they are my fans, other people were less sure but I kind of knew all along it would be fine."

The entire experience - touring the uknown, putting blind faith in strangers, sharing her experience intimately with her fans - has made Rose "a much more relaxed person", musing that "sometimes small things would get me down but now I'm always thinking about the big picture, and it's really not worth being stressed about anything. Perspective, hey?"

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Rose's tour coincided with the release of her most recent album, Something's Changing, of which she insists "has more of a theme than the other two [albums], as so much of it was inspired by one experience, but different people.

"The theme must be ranging from the start of the writing process where I had lost my confidence and faith in my music, to the polar opposite where I've never felt more determined to make the best record I ever have."

Recorded in producer Tim Bidwell's living room over the span of 17 days, her latest album was unsurprisingly written with her loyal fans in mind, and perhaps to shed more light on the musician that is Lucy Rose.

"Well, I'm not perfect, I never will be. I've made mistakes, I've lived my life and I've put it all in this record for all those people that feel the same things that I do."