Have Beers, Swims And Lotsa Naps With Luca Brasi

1 February 2016 | 2:46 pm | Luca Brasi

The band dish up a selection of Polaroids from their sold-out tour

You gotta nap at any point you can fit in. Jem from Endless Heights getting those quality zzz's backstage.

Being from Tassie, we don't deal all that well with humidity. When Sydney is 95% and you're in a crack den motel, pants are rare.

Just like naps, beer is just as important to us, especially when it's free. Peroni RULZ.

When Brisbane is 30+ degrees, trying to swim wherever possible is a non-negotiable for us. Turns out this crack den hotel doesn't have water in their "pool".

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Floors are quality spots for walking and putting things, also terrible naps. This time it's Busby cutting some zzz's.

There's a big theme in touring for us; attempting to sleep and drinking free booze. 10am hand grenades at the airport.

Post tour is garbage. Anty from our mates The Bennies recommends a big pile of raisin toast, and likens it to a warm hug. I need Marley to get me through; she does it so well.