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24 April 2012 | 11:25 am | Staff Writer

Kade MC: 'I did the live scene, but it's not always fair'.

Your music is…?
Australian hip hop with funk, soul, folk, rock and even a hint of b-bop.

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?
When I started writing songs, I was influenced by rap artists such as Eminem and Tupac, before I even knew Australian hip hop existed. Then the almighty Hilltop Hoods introduced me to Aussie hip hop, which had me dropping the American accent in my raps and digging further into the Australian scene.

What's your wildest ambition for your music?
To simply go on tour and have a substantial following. Musically, I'd like to do some stuff with a live orchestra and choir, or anything that pushes the boundaries of Australian hip hop and music in general.

Why should we come and see you?
For starters, to see something more dynamic and collaborative than your typical DJ and MC set-up. I won't claim hip hop with a live band is a groundbreaking idea; it's nothing new. But I will say the song lyrics and topics are of a profound, thought-provoking nature and skilful calibre.

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How do you find the local live scene?
I dig it. It's very competitive and not always fair, but that's the game and you've got to leave it or love it. But with all that jazz comes the greatly supportive and nurturing side of the scene, which is quite prominent in Australian Hip Hop, more so than in other genres I've found, which is great!

What's your greatest rock'n'roll moment?
I guess when I met Solo of Sydney's Horrorshow at an art exhibition in Sydney and scored a support slot on his show in my hometown. I just thought that was cool, perhaps not rock'n'roll enough? I smoked a joint with him after the show, will that do?

For more info see:
www.facebook.com/pages/Kade-MC/340878460570 or www.triplejunearthed.com/KadeMC  

Next available at:
Friday 27 April for The Ruckman Record album launch at The Sandringham Hotel.