Just Visiting: Ana Moura

17 November 2015 | 10:03 am | Artist Submission

"Is Nick Cave available? :)"

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Artist/Band: ANA MOURA

Why are you coming to visit our fair country? I'm going to visit your country to present the songs from my album Desfado.

Is this your first visit? This is not my first visit to Australia, but it is my first visit to Sydney. 

How long are you here for? I will be in Sydney for four days. At this time I'm on tour fortunately, next time I will come for more days.

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What do you know about Australia, in ten words or less? Huge country with great people, kangaroos and koalas.

Any extra-curricular activities you hope to participate in while here? You tell me! :) I'll not have much time but I'll try to visit the city as much I can.

What will you be taking home as a souvenir? Is Nick Cave available? :)

Where can we come say hi, and buy you an Aussie beer? After this Sydney show I just have a show in Tallin, Estonia and I'm done for this year. 

Website link for more info? https://www.facebook.com/anamoura/