Video Clip Focus: Anton Franc

8 June 2012 | 10:34 am | Staff Writer

Releasing their latest single Letting Go this weekend, Anton Franc’s Joshua Bowyer gives us the story behind the new video.

The Story: I've always been a fan of narrative music videos – I just think that they allow you to achieve such a personal, intimate and relatable communication with the audience. Ever since the first iteration of the idea, the clip has always been a celebration of childhood innocence. After much humming and hahhing, we decided to frame the clip within the recollections of a small boy leaving the Kimberley for good with his father. Filming it in the Kimberley was the only option that made sense. It's where the band was born, and it's where a piece of my heart still lives. In the story, the boy's memories are fixated on the events of the preceding few weeks in which he and his childhood love unsuccessfully attempt an endearingly naive escape plan. As the red dust of the winding road fly by the windows of his father's old Falcon, the boy watches his childhood life roll by with it – in amongst the shrubs, eucalyptus trees and the pindan of the stunning Kimberley. Mirroring the sentiments of the song, he reaches a form of acceptance somewhere along the way. We decided to create the clip ourselves – I directed and Jamie (Kuzich, the other half of the band) produced. We were, however fortunate enough to bring on board a number of incredibly talented freelancers (Mark Zagar, Brad Holyoake, Rebecca Crowe) for the shoot who helped make our ideas look so beautiful.

Your fave three clips of all time: Bon Iver – Holocene; Eels – Little Bird; The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Fave local clip: Felicity Groom – Finders Keepers. A completely different concept and execution to ours, but a brilliant clip none the less.

The launch will involve: Support from newcomers Pallas Athena and Leure (Ash from Wolves At The Door's solo electronic side project).

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Anton Franc will be launching their single on Saturday 9 June at The Bird in Perth.