Independent Music Awards 2015 Q&A: The Peep Tempel

16 October 2015 | 2:31 pm | Artist Submission

"We'll wing it if that situation comes up."

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Answered by: Stew Rayner

How did you find out you were nominated for a Carlton Dry Independent Music Award? I think I found out via email or it was probably Twitter.

What was the last thing you won? A game of Uno against my nephew.

What's been a highlight of your year artistically? I'd have to say our national Gettin' On By tour was definitely the biggest highlight!

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What does being an independent artist mean to you? Freedom to create whatever you want on your own terms.

How did you finance your last release? The recording of the album was partially funded by an Arts Victoria grant.

Will you prepare a speech for the awards just in case or fly by the seat of your pants? Nah, we'll wing it if that situation comes up.