Hush With Davey Craddock

5 July 2012 | 12:08 pm | Staff Writer

An evening of quiet music with Davey Craddock.

Who's playing your event and who should punters be most excited about seeing? Felicity Groom, Runner, Timothy Nelson, Rabbit Island, Benedict Moleta with Miranda Pollard, Davey Craddock & The Spectacles and Moustache will be playing in the Guildford Grammar School Chapel in complete pin-drop silence. The Hush concept is about allowing bands to play the kind of sets that'd be impossible in noisy pubs so we've chosen acts that we think will sound particularly epic and dramatic in the venue. Runner have mentioned an eight-piece choir and strings and Stacy Gougoulis from Moustache, who is co-organising the concert, is also training a choir for his set. It'll also be hard to beat hearing every breath and whisper from some of the acts on their lonesome.

What gave you the idea for this show? We'd heard about similar styles of 'quiet' shows being put on in other cities around the world and thought that we should try something similar here. Stacy and I both have quite quiet parts of our sets and as audience members we know we're not alone in hating it when numbskulls talk during really quiet and intense moments.

What does your gig offer that others don't? Chutney, jams and cake. Apart from the pin-drop quiet atmosphere, we're trying to get a bit of a homely, Church fete vibe going out the front for interval. We'll be selling some tea and coffee and homely wares baked by various grandparents. I'll also making another batch of the legendary 'Spectacle Brand' tomato chutney.

What made you pick this venue? We were looking for somewhere that would give a sense of occasion. We're also both big fans of getting out of the city to Guildford and checking out the second hand stores, going fishing, drinking teas and eating Alfred's burgers. Hopefully people will make it a day out. Plus there's a train stop right outside which will make it easy for people to roll in from 5-10pm.

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What's next? If this goes well we're eyeing off another historic building for Hush round two.