Hot Local: Fremantle Winter Music Festival

19 July 2012 | 1:55 pm | Staff Writer

All you need to know about the Fremantle Winter Music Festival.

Who's playing your event and who should punters be most excited about seeing?
Railway Hotel
11.15 - Felicity Groom     
10.10 - Usurper of Modern Medicine
9.05 - French Rockets         
8.00 - Mezzanine

Swan Hotel Lounge
11.15 - Ruby Boots
10.10 - Spoonful Of Sugar
9.05 - The Flower Drums
8.00 - Tim Gordon

Swan Hotel Basement
11.15 - The Weapon Is Sound
10.10 - Ensemble Formidable
9.05 - Dilip & The Davs
8.00 - DJ

Mojo's Stage
12.00 - DJ Holly Doll
11.00 - Rocket To Memphis
10.00 - Cal Peck & The Tramps
9.00 - The High Leary's
8.00 - Blazin' Entrails

Mojo's Courtyard
11.00 - Coaster T
10.00 - Alissa Jane
9.00 - Razor Jack
8.00 - Seventh Son
7.00 - Mr Kavebeat

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Felicity Groom and Ruby Boots (just back from their US tour) will be great, plus the DJs at Mojo's back courtyard.

What gave you the idea/theme for this show? Fremantle Winter Music Festival is one of RTRFM's most popular annual gigs and we've been doing it for seven years now, so why slow down? With such a rich and vibrant music culture, Fremantle is definitely a hub of creativity, so we celebrate that fact at three of Freo's favourite venues.

What does your gig offer that others don't? The Winter Music Festival has 24 local musicians and DJs over five stages in North Fremantle – it's a multi-venue mini festival, with the opportunity to beat the winter blues with many styles and a good brisk (but short) walk between each location.

What made you pick the venues? The Railway, Swan and Mojo's are uniquely Fremantle, offering a great relaxed music-centric triad of venues that are all close to one another – which can be hard to come by in Perth.

What's next for RTRFM? Radiothon 2012 will hit in August and to celebrate we have a huge four-venue party taking place right across Northbridge: Saturday 18 August at The Bird, The Bakery, Ya Ya's and PICA Bar.