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Hollow: Welcome To Hell.

4 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

What’s My ‘Ween.

Hollow play Halloween Hellfest at the Gabba Hotel on Saturday.

Local metal legends Hollow head the fray at Halloween Hellfest at the Gabba Hotel this weekend. Kento gave some insight into the band’s take on metal’s favourite holiday.

What’s been your best Halloween experience? And you worst?

“Our best Halloween experience would have to be playing last years Metal For The Brain! Worst experience would have to be the federal police trying to kick us out of our room afterwards for kicking soccer balls onto the room of the caretakers huts at 1am, but they finally let us stay after an almost punch-on with them, so we decided to destroy the room with a little help from Blood Duster, Post-Life Disorder and Clauz to piss off the Nazi caretaker when he came to clean in the morning… he was trying to tell us we weren’t normal people – well he certainly found out the hard way. He he.”

Do you think 80s German thrashers Helloween made a reasonable contribution to metal? Why, or why not?

“Sorry Helloween fans but…. no. Metal would still be the same today without them they were not necessarily a bad band but they didn’t do anything groundbreaking.”

Will the bands be covering Helloween tracks at Halloween Hellfest?

“Not us, but the others might!”

If Hollow were writing the script to the next Halloween movie, how would Michael Myers meet his doom?

“Someone would blast a Hollow song at him through a loud speaker and he would become unstoppable and kill all the main characters thus taking over the world with the unbridled power of Hollow coursing through his veins (that means he wouldn’t die).”

Ozzy Osbourne plays a priest in the film Trick Or Treat. Who would you like to play yourselves in a film about Hollow?

“Well… Connor would be played by Ron Jeremy, Vinnie Jones would play Craig, Keanu Reeves would play Dave (ha ha, sucked in), Kent would be played by Brian Brown and Cam would be played by Verne Troyer (Mini-Me in Austin Powers).”

What else is on the horizon for the band?

“We’ve just recorded the drum tracks to our new album and we’re in the process of perfecting the guitar sounds and rhythms that we want to use on it - should be out next February!”