Have You Been There: The Flying Saucer Club

8 August 2012 | 12:00 am | Staff Writer

Have you been to The Flying Saucer Club? Well, maybe you should!

Describe your venue in 15 words or less.
Mark Burchett, venue booker: Classic art deco room, cosy retro vibe, candlelit table seating and a huge roaring fire.

What kind of music are we likely to hear at your venue?
The Flying Saucer Club will offer an exciting and diverse program of contemporary music, cabaret, spoken word, burlesque, comedy and musical theatre.

What sets your venue apart from others?
A big focus on reviving the dinner and show concept with fine food and sophisticated programming.

Your venue is being used as a film location. What's the film?
Earth Vs The Flying Saucers – a 1956 sci-fi classic!

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Do you serve food? If so, what's
your signature dish?

The dining room is open most nights and we will be offering dinner and show option in the not too distant future. Signature dish? Food that's out of this world!

What are some upcoming highlights?
The Revelators (Joe Camilleri, James Black, Joe Creighton) have just started a three-Sunday arvo residency. Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll on Sat 25 August featuring Benny & The Fly By Niters Big Band with a bunch of extra special guests.

Where can we find you?
Located at 4 St Georges Road, Elsternwick. You can find us on the web at flyingsaucerclub.com.au and facebook.com/flyingsaucerclub.