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Get To Know Brisbane Band Headwreck; Listen To Their Ripper 'Let It Feel'

24 November 2022 | 8:30 am | Mary Varvaris
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The music video was directed by Andrew Vaughan (Windwaker, Rumours, Revoid).

(Pic by Andrew Vaughan)

Brisbane band Headwreck released a new single today called Let It Feel, a track packed with furious guitars, frenzied turntables, filthy breakdowns, and guttural vocals from vocalist Connor Hickman.

The explosive tune confronts the cycle of addiction, be it with substances or people who are no good for you. Let It Feel was produced, mixed, and mastered in-house by guitarist and clean vocalist Jamo Benadie. 

The track follows Headwreck's scorching Linkin Park cover - they took on the Meteora classic, Lying From You - and is the first taste of freshly written material since the band's 2021 debut EP, Glamorise Demise. The band's version of Lying From You features on the ARIA charting compilation album The Better Sessions Vol. 2. 

Let It Feel's music video was directed by Andrew Vaughan (Windwaker, Rumours, Revoid). The claustrophobic clip sees each band member trapped in a tiny white room with black chords invading the walls.

Headwreck arrived with Glamorise Demise last year, an EP that combines melodic hardcore and electronic influences mixed with well-written, pop-inspired hooks and lyrical content. The band enjoyed a sold-out EP launch show in Brisbane upon the release. 

The group also had reason to celebrate after receiving tons of triple j love - all tracks from the EP played on The Racket,, Breakfast, Lunch and Richard Kingsmill's 2021 show. 

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To commemorate the video premiere of Let It Feel, we've asked Headwreck a few questions to get to know them.

Who is Headwreck?

"From huge clean choruses to dense electronic tracks, from heavy rhythms to glitches, we are a new band with an exciting, refreshing approach to metalcore. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we (frontman Connor Hickman and guitarist Jamo Benadie) formed Headwreck in 2019 after our old band split up. Knowing we wanted to keep going, we got to work crafting what would soon become a distinct sound. 

"In 2021, we dropped our debut EP Glamorise Demise and have achieved success in many degrees. We were crowned triple j unearthed feature artist of the week in the EP's release week, performed our first headline show to 200 fans, sold out 150 vinyl within 24 hours and embarked on our first tour of the east coast."

If you were stranded on a desert island and only had space for one album to get you through survival, which album would you keep with you?

Colby Horton (drums): "I Let It in And It Took Everything by Loathe."

Jamo: "Let The Ocean Take Me by The Amity Affliction."

What has inspired the imagery of Headwreck? Does it come from any artistic influence, or is it more inspired by things that you see/imagine?

Colby: "A big part of Headwrecks imagery is created through the eyes of our videographer Andrew Vaughan. Andrew has helped Headwreck translate our sound to a visual medium through various mediums of videography/photography to achieve a distinct branding for the band. 

"Through the intensity of Headwreck’s music, the inspiration of imagery comes from the feelings provoked within Andrew which end up being used as album artworks, press photos or music videos."

Is there something that Headwreck is passionate about expressing through its art, and if so, what messages are you hoping to share through that?

Jamo: "Music-wise, my main passion for writing chunes is to offer a new flavour to the world, something that will be refreshing/interesting to people's ears, and ultimately to make music that I enjoy listening to. Like a fashion designer making their own custom clothes to wear, I like to make my own custom music for me to enjoy. Then, sharing that music and having people resonate with it as I do is extremely fulfilling."

If Headwreck’s music was a cartoon character, who would it be?

Jamo: "Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. I find relatable characters inspiring, for example, Sheldon's hyper-fixation on his work. When he’s in the zone, he does some really cool things that no one else can do."

Colby: [Dutch motivational speaker also known as The Iceman] "Wim Hof. He has such an incredible perspective on life that inspires me to be the best person I can be in all mediums of life. Whether that’d be creativity/physically or mentally."

Listen to more Headwreck below.