12 February 2015 | 4:21 pm | Staff Writer

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Briefly describe your show. Looking at Australia from London: cricket, politics, Twitter stoushes with Reverends. The usual.

What was the inspiration behind your show? Writing 60 minutes of material so I didn’t come back to Australia a failure.

What makes your show different? I think the ending of the show is the most controversial ending I’ve ever had. And definitely the most fun I’ve ever had with an audience.

Briefly describe the development process of your show? Tell us a bit about your creative team, too. The development of this one was like good sex: slow and hard. Before I took this show to a couple of festivals in Australia last year, I just couldn’t come up with enough material I was happy with. Then one afternoon in London I wrote about 20 minutes of the show in one go. I got very angry with the comedy gods and told them not to pull any last minute shit like that again.

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What was the biggest challenge you encountered in this show? Well, if it wasn’t the writing, once I did get it all out, I headed to the US the next day, so all this material I’d written about cricket, and Australia, and our politics couldn’t be tested because it was Commonwealth-centric. Heading back to Australia I had one trial show in Melbourne before starting the tour. That was petrifying. What if I’d written a winner in my head but a stinker on stage? Turns out, it was awwwwwwright.

Why did you decide to do Fringe 2015? I haven’t been at Adelaide Fringe for three years and I’m so excited to get back there and receive a decent Vitamin D injection. I look like a tadpole at the moment. On a colour chart my skin would be ‘British Translucent’. This will be my fifth Adelaide Fringe as a performer, but seventh all up. I used to be Heath Franklin’s Production/Stage Manager when he was doing Chopper those first two years.

What do you love about Fringe Festival besides all the shows? Adelaide has a special energy about it; it’s a real carnie vibe, so I love it. Lots of piercings and people wearing sailor outfits just because it’s Tuesday, and drinking outdoors under fairy lights until the wee hours. It’s all so magical. Also, having been away from Oz for nearly a year now, I can’t wait to see some mates.

What are you excited to see at this year’s Fringe? I’m only there for a week – I’m mostly excited to see my family. They’re coming down for a few days.

And for a fun random one, in a fantasy world who would you be the love child of? Kimmy Gibbler (from Full House) and a boy who looks like me.

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