We chat with Tobias Forge from GHOST about new album Impera

14 March 2022 | 7:00 pm | Staff Writer
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We got an exclusive chat with spooky cleric Tobias Forge from GHOST about new album Impera! It's out now through Loma Vista Recordings and Virgin Music Australia.

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Last week ahead of it's release, we reviewed the new album by GHOST, entitled IMPERA. Here's some of what we had to say about it!

"Overall, if you’re a Ghost fan, you won’t be disappointed. ‘IMPERA’ is everything you could have asked for without being too familiar. It takes musical jumps without compromising their sound. I’m sure all Ghost fans, new and old, will be impressed and happy to hear this record. Thankfully it’s out Friday & everything you need to know is below."

We had the opportunity to chat with the frontman Tobias Forge. When asked about what era of history this new album is meant to represent, he gave us the low-down. "Visually, it's supposed to be echoing the late 1800s sort of industrialism and London and England with such a perfect example of exactly that Victorian industrialism and, you know, the hope for the future. And but also, you know, the downsides of industrialism where you know you make people superfluous, you know, which is kind of similar to today. A lot of our angst in society, it's because a lot of us has been, you know, replaced by machines. You know, that's practical in one way, but not everyone is reaping the benefits from being replaced from machine. So you end up having a lot of people with a lot of time to think about this, that and the other. And I don't think that we're really cut out for all that time to ponder that much, because that leads to anger and discontent and lack of purpose. And when people have lack of purpose, that's when they start thinking that maybe we should reinstate the flat earth because flat Earth was so much better than this new world. I don't like the new world. I wanted to become what it was.

Check out the full chat in audio format below.

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