21 January 2016 | 1:37 pm | Staff Writer

Collaboration is a beautiful thing, but in case you needed solid proof of the fact, feast your ears on this: The Music is proud to be premiering the new EP from Melbourne collective ESESE (co-founded by Hancoq and Hudson James Jr) and producer Skomes — fittingly titled SKOMES.ESESE — today!

The new release comes just ahead of a Laneway Festival appearance for ESESE (that's Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Ensemble, by the way), a collective of musicians and multimedia artists who announced themselves by way of their killer debut EP in September last year. The new collaborative release with Skomes was previewed just over a week ago when Hancoq released his infectious single In My Feelings, featuring Baro, and that got us sufficiently excited to leap on the chance to share the full set with you today.

ESESE will play their final pre-Laneway show this Sunday at Melbourne's Ferdydurke, with the group promising the added drawcard of "some addictive Ethiopian food and beers" courtesy of Hancoq's parents. It's a free show, too, so along with the tastes, sights and sounds on offer, if you're looking for an excuse not to go, you'll be hard-pressed to find one (unles you live hundreds of miles away, in which case, fair enough — but go see them at Laneway!)

Give the EP a spin above, and if you like what you hear and want to find out more about ESESE's previous and upcoming releases, as well as when and where you can catch them doing their thing in the flesh, head to their Facebook page and smash that Like button.

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