EP Focus: Love Like Hate

27 November 2014 | 2:50 pm | Staff Writer

EP title? Unnoticed

How many releases do you have now? This is our second EP release, our first release Rabbit Hole was released in 2012.

Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making? We have moved towards electronic undertones for our beats and bass, so being able to expand the sound of the songs as we imagined them in our heads inspired new directions for us.

What’s your favourite song on it? My favourite song is Bright Eyes, the second track off the EP. I love playing that song live too

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We’ll like this EP if we like... A bit of drama in your music, along with Bat For Lashes, PJ Harvey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence & The Machine, The Kills.

When and where is your launch/next gig? 20 Nov, The B.East; 24 Nov, Public Bar.

Website link for more info? lovelikehate.com.au