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DJ Tweaka: Movin’.

17 February 2003 | 1:00 am | Paul Rankin
Originally Appeared In

Tweak & Destroy.

DJ Tweaka plays Ecky-phump at the Valley Saloon Bar this Saturday night. 

Melbourne is a town long known for its hardcore party aesthetic and love of banging techno, and indeed it’s plentiful skilled DJ’s. Newcomer to Brisbane, DJ Tweaka, is making his debut in town in the Liquid Bass arena of Ecky-phump, and by the sounds of it intends to tear the place down.

How long have you been spinning records for and what got you started?

“Six years or so now. Up to when I began, I had been doing promotions of all sorts from theatre to dance parties... and suddenly became intimately involved with TeriyakiAnarkiSaki, as a promotional advisor, and general ‘get shit done’ kinda guy when it began in 97”

“I was fully inspired by DJing as a fresh form... I'd been frequently mixing punk and grunge bands on the pub circuit in Melbourne, but was bored as hell with the rock sound... I was notorious for radical electronic based treatment when producing bands, and rather than fight the status quo, I became intensely interested in electronic music production.”

You've recently established PVC records with Disko Pussy. How's the business going and what's it been like to run your own record store?

“Fantastic! It is a lot of effort and the hours are demanding, and administration with regard to the ordering system and website have been arduous, but all in all I'm wrapped with it's progress so far!”

Are you sad about Teriyaki's temporary loss of home? What the hell happened? (they were rather rudely thrown out of their venue last week)

“Hmmmm.... lets just say that big venues are run by number crunching investors... if there is any opportunity to increase profits... they will take the carrot, irrespective of who gets in the way...”

“TeriyakiAnarkiSaki is a ‘lifestyle’. This would be move number nine, for us I think! We've been through our share of venues, and honestly a change is as good as a holiday! I was discussing the state of things over beers yesterday with Jason, (Platts - DJ Slack), and he and DeeDee are very positive! They are keen to revamp the club and introduce a second room. We have put the word out and venues are being sussed... prepare for a re-opening blast!”

What can the punters expect at Ecky-phump?

“Mixed up tight original slammin' funk sounds, and tough new vinyl direct from PVC! I’m lookin' forward to it!”