Disconnect Festival: Lucy Peach

11 December 2015 | 3:50 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Lucy Peach

Member & Role: Singer songwriter/band leader

The festival scene in WA is an interesting beast. What are you expecting from the inaugural Disconnect? To get connected! There are so many of my friends playing, I can't wait to get full on all their music. Fairbridge is a special place and this lineup is ridiculous. I'm saving up my sleep now. I'm hoping to see lots of people with no shoes or phones and flowers in their hair.

How will you spend your time at the festival? Seeing the sun go down, come up, doing a bit of tree climbing, making campfire orange brownies and sharing a bottle of whiskey with Father John Misty. Hey that rhymed. I can't wait to sing in the chapel! And around a campfire or two.

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Best road trip story/memory? Coming home from the fabulous Wave Rock Weekender on empty, in neutral and rolling into a petrol station at just the right moment. With flowers in my hair.

What artists are you most excited to see at Disconnect Festival and why? I want to see everyone! Truly. But my little boy's favourite band is Methyl Ethyl. He has their T-shirt and we'll be up the front.

What do you have planned for 2016? Researching, writing and recording my first full-length album. Looking for mentors and amazing people to work with. Bringing it all to life!

When & where: 11-13 Dec, Disconnect Festival, Fairbridge Village

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