Children Collide

9 August 2012 | 12:15 pm | Band On The Run

Children Collide: "I ended the night in my favourite place… On a couch, with my arm around Woody [Annison, producer] throwing shapes."

We kicked off the Monument tour in Bunbury, WA, the jewel of the west. We'd been there before but I'd never noticed what an amazing array of discount/variety stores they have in the immediate vicinity of the venue. My favourites were Hooley Dooleys and Things where I picked up this gorgeous boob apron that had been marked down $5 due to someone having stolen the nipple ring.

There was a massive fight and we had to cut our first song short. I didn't really see any of it but apparently the main protagonist was some ex-boxer dude.

We woke up a little hazy and made our way back up the highway to Perth to play Amplifier.

I got to watch all of Bad Dreems' set and it was rad. In particular TMRW MNTN and FCK CSN. I'm not sure why they name all their songs like a 14-year-old girl TXTNG her BFF, but I like their music a lot. It's FKN KWL.

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Dune Rats were also excellent. They don't ever have a setlist and seem to just yell song titles to each other on stage. Last I heard they were travelling to some huge sand dunes outside of Perth to film themselves taking epic tumbles down them.

Anyway, our first show at Amplifier was packed full of crazies and a bloody good time. Being our second ever proper show with our new drummer Mitch we were still finding our feet at soundcheck but it seemed to all pull together on the night.

On the second night Heath, Mitch and I got taken to see the West Australian Symphony Orchestra play Brahms' Requiem by an oboist who I like to call Yoko Oboe. It was a lovely way to spend those pre-show hours between soundcheck and playing and we all came out of it in a kind of trance.

Consequently, we had a dream of a show.

On the way there I noticed a Yayoi Kusama display in the window of a shop which added to the joy.

I ended the night in my favourite place… On a couch, with my arm around Woody [Annison, producer] throwing shapes.

Looking forward to the next 22 shows!