Backstage: Magnet Studios

4 November 2015 | 9:54 am | Artist Submission

"We operate a rehearsal and recording facility with a focus on supporting the underground music scene."

Answered by: Matt Faisandier, owner/manager

Where are you located? In sunny Coburg, just north of Gaffney St.

What are your hours? 11am—midnight Sun — Fri & 11am—5pm Saturday.

Phone: 03 9041 6553

What kind of studio are you? We operate a rehearsal and recording facility with a focus on supporting the underground music scene. We offer generously sized rehearsal studios, a 32 i/o recording studio with a vastly reverberant live room, a dense concrete bunker, a dry vocal booth and a large green garden landscape which one might recharge in during breaks.

Tell us about the team... In essence we are down-to-earth musicians and fiends of the big drum sound and 'the avant garde' as an umbrella concept. Between us we have over 35 years experience in the music industry!

Is there a history to the space? In a former life the building was used as a mushroom farm! We joke — we are still growing culture. At the very least there's still magic in the air!

Who's been through? Some of our recent clients include Diamonds Of Neptune, High Tension, Mesa Cosa, Miso, Mutton, Papa Chango, Storm The Sky, Sewercide, Sex On Toast, and Whitehorse.

What else do you offer? We also operate a workshop servicing tube amplifiers and setting up electric guitars. In parallel with Melbourne Music Week we are offering our day sessions on a pay-as-you-feel basis (for the period 16 — 20 Nov).

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