Album Review: Within Temptation - Resist

31 January 2019 | 3:40 pm | Brendan Crabb

"Another cohesive batch of expertly-crafted songs."

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Some bands merely seek to consolidate their status with each subsequent record, while others aim higher. Dutch symphonic pop-metallers Within Temptation certainly don't lack ambition, but then few bands ever achieved much by aiming to headline their local RSL.

Uber-slick in its execution and production values, Resist will also tick boxes fans demand, including hooks made for European summer festivals and plenty of space to showcase Sharon den Adel's powerhouse voice. The syncopation-heavy Endless War is a strong example, as is the potent Raise Your Banner (featuring In Flames screamer Anders Fridén). There's nothing here with as staggering a chorus as say, early smash hit Angels, but nonetheless some still prove catchier than bubonic plague. Only considerably more fun.

Meanwhile, more mature, evolved and consistent songwriting capabilities are apparent. There's greater emphasis on tasty electronic flourishes, a focus that's noticeable in call-to-arms opener The Reckoning, where they're contrasted by a churning, heavy riff out of Korn's playbook and an energetic guest spot from Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix. The catchy Mad World melds industrial touches with pop overtones and a rockier vibe, while Supernova flirts with EDM elements. Elsewhere, ballad Firelight – supposedly originally written for den Adel's solo project – welcomingly injects a darker feel to proceedings.

With Resist, Within Temptation are armed with another cohesive batch of expertly-crafted songs.