Wil Anderson: Fire At Wil

7 March 2016 | 4:25 pm | Chris Komorek

"Australia's closest answer to America's Stephen Colbert."

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There couldn't be a more apt title for this show. Fire At Wil is exactly what Wil Anderson does.

He lets loose a barrage of jokes centred around our most topical issues. The hour is ruled by hilarious political commentary, most of which, as you'd expect, centres around former PM Tony Abbott, his successor Malcolm Turnbull and the wannabe Bill Shorten. Anderson has an uncanny ability to make the audience both laugh and think simultaneously. He addresses serious issues, racism being the key one, in a way that the laughter and cheering that meets the punchline feels more like a cheer in agreeance with what he's said. This is an hour of extremely well constructed and smart comedy. He's Australia's closest answer to America's Stephen Colbert.