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Live Review: What So Not

12 October 2017 | 10:23 am | Emily Dunn

"The Goods Shed turned into a jungle, as the audience lost their inhibitions and gave into their inner-electro animal."

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Fresh off the Listen Out circuit, Sydney-based DJ and producer What So Not (aka Emoh Instead or Chris Emerson) stopped off in sleepy Hobart, giving the locals a taste of his unique electro dancefloor fillers for the first time.

The shipping shed-turned music/events venue, otherwise known as The Goods Shed, was rattling from the get-go with newcomer DJ Chris NeoBi getting the patrons unhinged for what was set to be a night to remember. Next up was DJ Sexy Lucy, who gave the growing crowd familiar remixed dancefloor anthems, and accordingly, the pit in The Goods Shed started to thicken and get loose.

This event was the perfect opportunity for Hobartians to get the cobwebs out of the knee joints. Daylight savings had just kicked in and it was a long, cold winter in Hobart. Hometown heroes Close Counters were next on set. The boys never fail to impress their audience, using their musical dexterity to go between spinning beats, playing keys, banging on electric drums and juggling a symphony of sounds on their decks. They finished off their set with a banger remix of Technotronic's classic hit Pump Up The Jam, which left the crowd torn between wanting more and anticipating the onset of What So Not.

What So Not's trippy visuals and stage presence did not disappoint for his first performance in Hobart, despite crowds missing out on the Peacock Horse Monster Truck stage set that he's been working on. Emerson opened with a ritualistic sampled 'Ohm' chant, which blended into his new single Better. By the first beat drop, he had the audience captivated in a flurry of excitement that lasted throughout his entire set.

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With a full house, The Goods Shed turned into a jungle, as the audience lost their inhibitions and gave into their inner-electro animal. As expected, he played all his well-known hits like Jaguar and High You Are amid dishing out some improvised finger work and new material. A remix of the theme song from Netflix's Stranger Things was a fun, unexpected addition to his set list. By his second last song, one particular individual who's electro spirit animal must be a monkey climbed his way up to the main lighting truss and dangled around for a good minute. While very scary for those underneath, it was a generous tribute to the artist on stage.

It's safe to say that What So Not will have a lasting impression of his Hobart fans, and we'll surely see his face again. He finished off the night with Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love, which was a great opportunity for patrons to hug it out and simmer down after an hour of craziness.​