Live Review: We The Kings, Avastera, Calm Collected

7 March 2016 | 10:14 am | Aneta Grulichova

"We The Kings wanted to go out with a bang as it was their last night of the Australian tour."

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Perth opener Calm Collected burst on the stage, kicking off the last night of tour for We The Kings with Heads Or Tails, to a humble crowd before launching into Love Notes And Antidotes. Their set was energetic and fun, getting the crowd pumped with Bliss Like This and The Jump.

Avastera opened up the set with Last Letter and Breathing Hopeblazing guitars sending the crowd into a sea of swaying mass and bobbing heads. Guitarist Chris Crole celebrated his birthday on stage with an unexpected cake to the face. Avastera never disappoint with their live performances, especially with December Sun and their cover of The 1975 track Robbers.

Excitement was in the air as the crowd mingled and laughed before the lights dimmed and We The Kings graced the stage. "What's up Perth?" lead singer Travis Clark screamed to the crowd before launching into Queen Of Hearts which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Sadly the sound guys didn't have their shit together as for the first two songs the music was louder than the microphones, making it very hard to hear Clark's vocals, let alone words. Thankfully as the set progressed, the sound improved.

Skyway Avenue got the crowd dancing and reminiscing about the past — even if Clark keeps his ginger mane up in a hipster bun now. The Rosemount Hotel made it feel like an intimate gig as the crowd sang along to most songs, especially in Any Other Way and We'll Be A Dream with Clark loving every moment of it, as his face lit up like a kid when they get candy.

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We The Kings wanted to go out with a bang as it was their last night of the Australian tour — they got the crowd to do weird dance moves, conversed about Tetris (aka sex), led a few "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi,oi,oi"s and even recorded a video for their new song The Story Of Tonight.

They turned the ballad Just Keep Breathing into a party song, before the guys got mellow and in touch with their emotions as they dedicated Sad Song to their children. Runaway and She Takes Me High were crowd favourites as the atmosphere was intense but fun.

When a few chords from a guitar sounded off, the crowd screamed as they had been waiting all night for this song. Check Yes Juliet rang out the outstanding set, with the crowd a moving mass of hands, fits and jumping bodies that sung along to every lyric.