Album Review: Wavves - You're Welcome

12 May 2017 | 3:36 pm | Carley Hall

"Proof that these slacker surfer punks are still king of the beach."

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San Diego scallywags Wavves have been riding the highs of that surf punk sound for nearly a decade now - and why change a good thing?

Far from meandering off on creative tangents to "mature" their sunny indie pop in that time, the four-piece have kept a steady hand on the rudder and let that playful streak work its magic throughout their catalogue of short and long plays. Flirting with the major labels almost killed their vibe a few albums ago on Afraid Of Heights and V, but after parting ways, the band has pulled off one of their best releases to date, fusing those old slacker sentiments with bright, noisy, brash but polished production.

Nathan Williams' voice is the glue for this slight deviation into fresh territory, tracing the hazy guitar line in rampant opener Daisy, then following the crisp drum beat in Million Enemies with his usual deadpan drawl. His oft-relied on subject matter - getting loose and bagging the system - still run riot, but sentiments of the heart make a welcome appearance in Stupid In Love and I Love You. It's these little tweaks to the Wavves sound that make You're Welcome their standout, and proof that these slacker surfer punks are still king of the beach.